How do I print a task?

This article applies to 123-mail Webmail.

This article will explain how to print a task in 123-mail webmail. This allows you to retain a hard copy of your task, complete with all of the details you have added, including start and end date, priority and duration. This is a great way to distribute the task to colleagues or teams when email may be unavailable. 


Login to the 123-mail webmail.

 Webmail Login.jpg

Click on the Tasks icon in the main toolbar.

 Task main toolbar.jpg

Click on the Task you wish to print.

 Select task to edit.jpg

Click on the Print icon under the edit tab.

 Print Icon.jpg

You will then see a Print Preview of your task. You will see all of the information surrounding your task, such as priority, start and end date, description and any further details. Your printing software will give you the option to print multiple copies, or designate portrait or landscape orientation and various other options. 


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