How do I set up an auto-response with 123-mail?

This FAQ relates to 123-mail.

This FAQ will explain how to set up a auto-responder for your 123-reg mailbox.

An autoresponder is a tool you can use to ensure that any emails that get sent to your mailbox are responded to when you might not be able to do it yourself. For example, these are commonly used as out of office notifications. When you're away from your office you can set your autoresponder to state that you are away, when you'll be back, and whether you have an alternate method of contact. 

With an autoresponder in place, your emails will be responded to, but remain in your inbox, to allow you to pick them up at a later date. 


Login to you 123-reg control panel.


Click on the Manage Email link.


Select the mailbox you wish to apply the auto-responder to and click on the More button, then click on Auto Responder.


Select the On option and then fill in the message you wish your senders to receive.


Now click on the Save & Exit button.


That's it, to turn the auto-responder off just simply follow the same steps but select the Off option.


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