How to transfer Easyspace domain names to 123-reg

This article applies to 123-reg Domain names

At, we manage over 3 million domains. You can be sure your domain will be in good hands. And once your Easyspace domain transfer to 123-reg is complete, you'll be able to use all the features in your control panel.

Start at


Click on the Control Panel & Support link at the top of the page.


Login to your Easyspace Control Panel.


Click on "Service Management" and select "Transfer Management".


Now click on the "Transfer Away" button.


Next you will need to call to get a "licence" key. The Sales & Renewal number for Easyspace is 0370 755 5088.


Once you receive the key, click on the "Click here" button.


Select the Easyspace domain that you'd like to transfer and enter the licence key.


On the next page, select Extend from the dropdown list and enter your credit card details in order to pay the domain transfer fee.

Next you will need to order the Easyspace domain transfer in your 123-reg control panel. These three final steps will help you finalise the Easyspace domain transfer to 123-reg.


Enter the domain name you want to transfer from Easyspace into the search box in your 123-reg control panel and order for your Easyspace domain to be transferred to 123-reg (you will need a 123-reg account).


The appropriate registry for your domain extension will then email you with further instructions on transferring your domain from Easyspace to 123-reg, so please check your mail regularly.


To check on the status of your transfers, please visit your domain transfer page. Go through our dedicated guide as you might find it very useful in completing your transfers.


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