Errors when creating a Certificate Signing Request

This article applies to SSL products

Sometimes when a Security Certificate Signing Request (CSR)is created the following error may be generated:

'Key Size: 512 bit. This key size is too low and may be vulnerable. You should generate a new CSR with a key size of at least 2048 bit.'

To resolve this you will need to do the following:


Delete all details of this CSR from the server


Request a new CSR

Tip: If you try and create a new CSR without deleting the old one it will just a create another 512bit key, which will present the same error. Ensure you generate a new CSR with a key size of at least 2048 bit

If you don't know or don't care what a CSR is, don't worry simple choose the AutoCSR option which will take care of this. All of our SSL packages except the Extended SSL option, current allow for Auto CSR


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