Shared SSL on 123-reg Shared Hosting

This article applies to Shared Hosting accounts.

What is the difference between Shared SSL and Personal SSL?

A Shared SSL certificate is automatically created for all websites using the 123-reg Pro or Expert hosting packages. It is a long name, for example, and because it is a subdirectory, your links will not automatically work. All of your files and directories can be accessed in this way

Personal SSL is sold separately, you get an IP for your website, and your own SSL certificate,

What is the cost of Shared SSL?

Shared SSL is free for all customers using the 123-reg Pro or Expert hosting packages.

Which packages is Shared SSL available on?

Shared SSL is available on the 123-reg Pro or Expert hosting packages.

How can I access my website over Shared SSL?

This depends on which package you have taken out, and on which operating system. The following will help you to work this out:

Windows 123-reg Pro
Windows 123-reg Expert
Linux 123-reg Pro & 123-reg Expert
Windows 123-reg Unlimited

Tip: Where you should replace ‘’ with the name of your domain, but you must leave the ~ before it.