How to switch to a Dedicated IIS App Pool for a website on Plesk?

This article applies to 123-reg servers running Plesk.

This article explains how you can set up a dedicated IIS Application Pool using Plesk control panel.

The IIS application pool is useful for sites and web applications that are hosted on a server.

Dedicated IIS App pool helps provide a level of isolation between customer sites. Each dedicated App pool runs independently, which means that if an error occurs in one application pool this will not affect other customer’s applications running in different application pools.

Parallels Plesk Panel provides a shared application pool for each user, by default. However, one can choose to use dedicated application pools if these are available in the hosting package.

IIS App Pool can perform in these two modes:

Shared pool – a single pool is used for all customers and their sites by default.

Dedicated pool – each customer has its own separate pool. One can choose to allocate per-package pool within his pool, thus isolating websites hosted under a particular package from other user’s websites.

If you want to switch to a dedicated App Pool for a particular site, please follow the below instructions.

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