How to change the Hostname on my server?

This article applies to 123-reg VPS and Cloud Servers

This article will explain how to change your Hostname on your 123-reg VPS or Cloudserver.

Changing your Hostname will help to protect your server from Hackers and Spammers.

To change your Hostname on you 123-reg Cloud Server:


Login to your 123-reg Control Panel. 


Scroll down to the Servers section and click on the Cloud Server Manage button. 


Click the Manage button for the server you wish to edit. 


This will take you to the Server dashboard. Click on the IP & DNS tab at the top of the dashboard. 


Scroll down to the IP & DNS - Hostname section and click on the Edit button. 


You will now be able to enter the new Hostname for your server. Enter it into the text field, and then click the Save button to complete the process. 

Your Hostname will now be changed, helping to protect you from Hackers and Spammers.