Moving from shared hosting to a 123-reg server

This article applies to 123-reg servers

This article will show you how to move your site from a shared hosting package to a 123-reg server.

Getting your data from the shared platform

To begin you will need to prepare your website and email for migration.

If the site is made from HTML or another code language then ftp to the site and download all the website files and folders to a local PC or destination.

If you currently have 123-reg shared hosting please see the following guide on how to use FTP: Backing up your Website files using FTP

On your new 123-reg Server

Once you have all your websites files, databases downloaded and your emails downloaded from the existing exchange server you can then set up your website onto your new Server.

Adding your websites to your server via the control panel and FTP. if your site is a html or other form of coded website and not been created using a CMS then you will need to add the website into your server control panel and upload the files via FTP.

For help on how to add your website into cpanel see the guide: Uploading your website in cPanel guide.

To add your site on your Plesk control panel see the guide: Uploading your website in Plesk guide.