eCommerce Overview

The following is an overview of 123-reg eCommerce .

The ‘Start’ tab is where you’ll manage your site when it is online. From here, you manage orders, products, customers and all other aspects of your shop.

From the ‘Orders’ tab you can access your orders inbox, which contains all current and outstanding orders and also gives you the ability to update the status of an order or multiple orders.

Customers – from this tab, you manage your customer base adding new ones, editing existing ones and importing or exporting a large number in one go.

Products – here is where you add, edit and remove your shop’s products in large quantities or individually.

Content/Categories – this is where you edit your product pages, such as layout, text and format.

Booking system – this is where you use your e-Commerce package to sell and manage services you offer from your shop.

Design – this is where you complete all the aesthetics of your shop, including the colour scheme, layout, format, background and images.

Marketing – here you’ll find all the tools to promote your shop; for example, Google, eBay, Coupons, social media and even newsletters.

Settings – this is where you choose and adapt the shop’s settings to suit your needs, including delivery methods, payment types, tax and order settings.

For further assistance, you can use the ‘Help’ button or use the in-system help menu.