How to add a product to your Online Shop

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This FAQ will show you how to create products on your Online Shop package

This FAQ will show you how to start creating products in your store to begin selling online.


From your Online Shop control panel, select the Products tab from the Catalog section. This will allow you to manage your products. Click on the New Product button to create a new product.


Add your new product's information. Give it a name, image and description so that your customer can easily find it. There are several other options on each of that tabs, but the items in the General tab are required to create your product.


You can also assign the product to a category, so that customers can easily find what they're looking for in your shop. This will also help to display your products nicely on your website. 


When you are ready to complete your new product, give it a price and click the Save and Close button to complete the product. 


You can also add different varieties of your products by clicking on Options, and then clicking the Add New Option button. This will allow you to give customers different choices about your products. For example, colour and size.