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Tutorial Video


One of the core, underlying principles of WebSite Builder is the need to separate the content - text, images, maps, forms and more - from the styling, and put that styling in the hands of every user more easily, especially when creating a new site. While Photoshop-equipped designers have always been able to swap out themes behind their content, users of our pre-made themes had to choose a theme and got the sample content that came along with it. No longer.

We’ve simplified the new site creation process down to a single screen, where you’ll progressively build up your new site to get you as close as possible to your end site, quickly.

First pick whichever “theme” you want - which will define the overall colour, style, fonts and more. Don’t worry - you can change this theme at any time in the future, without losing any of your content. Even better, most themes will come with a few variations of colours and styling for various sections, and you’ll be able to mix and match colours and fonts as you like.

Then, pick some pre-made pages. We’ve got a library of these available - at first general types (ie, home, about, location) but an increasing number designed specifically for your needs. Choose which pages you’d like to start with - you can add or remove more later - and you’ll be prompted to enter some basic information to customise your site just for you.

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