How do I point my 123-reg domain name to my 3rd party website?

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This FAQ will help you to point your 123-reg domain name to a 3rd party website

The below video and step by step instructions show you how you can point your domain name to a website hosted elsewhere.

So there are two ways that you can do this.

For the first method, you can point your domain name to your 3rd party website by changing to your hosting provider’s nameservers.

Please note, that although this is the easiest method to use, making this change means that you will no longer be able to manage your DNS for your domain name in your 123-reg control panel, unless you decide to change your nameservers back to 123-reg.

So to change your nameservers, log into your 123-reg control panel and click on ‘manage’ for the domain name you want to point to your website.

Depending on what type of domain name you have, you may have to unlock it first.

So just have a look in the ‘domain transfers’ menu just here.

If the manage domain locking option does not appear here, then you won’t need to unlock the domain name.

For domains that need unlocking, you’ll see the ‘manage domain locking’ option, just click on it.

Ok, now click here on ‘unlock domain’, which will allow you to change the nameservers for this domain name.

Once this is done you should see a message stating that the domain name has been successfully unlocked, and then you can click here to go back to the ‘manage domain’ page.

Now click on ‘change nameservers’ in the advanced domain settings menu.

You will need to enter the nameservers for your hosting provider.

You may be able to find these in your control panel on your hosting provider’s website, if not get in contact with them to find the settings.

Once you’ve entered them just click ‘update’ and you should see a message stating that your settings have been changed.

Great, so once these nameserver settings are changed your 123-reg domain name will point to your 3rd party website.

But please note that it could take up to 48 hours for your name server changes to become active.

Ok so that’s the first method covered, let’s look at the second option.

So for this method, you will need to ensure that your domain name is set to 123-reg’s nameservers.

This is especially important for customers who have transferred their domain name to us from another provider.

So back in the change nameservers section, have a look to see if the name servers read and

If there is anything else in these boxes then you will need to update the settings, just click ‘reset to 123-reg default’.

Again, please note that it can take up to 48 hours for your nameserver changes to propagate over the internet.

Ok, so once your nameservers are set to 123-reg, you can begin pointing your domain name to your 3rd party hosting package.

Go back to your control panel and click on manage next to the domain name.

Now click on ‘Manage DNS’ and then click on the Advanced settings tab.

So in here, pointing your domain name can be done in two different ways:

- Creating a ‘CNAME record’ or an ‘A or Address record’.

However, it’s a good idea to confirm with your hosting provider on which option is best for you, so you can get the correct settings, and find out any additional information that you may need.

Please note that if you decide to point your domain name using an ‘A record’ then you will need to find out the IP address for your specific 3rd party web hosting package type.

So, to create a new record start by entering ‘www’ into the hostname field.

For a ‘CNAME record’, just choose ‘CNAME’ from the drop-down menu.

And choose ‘A’ for an ‘A record’.

If you are creating a ‘CNAME’ record then you will need to enter in the record where the domain name will point in the ‘destination IPv4 address’ field.

This may be the name of your hosting account, but you will need to check with your hosting provider on what this ‘destination IPv4 address’ will be.

For an ‘A record’, enter in the IP address for your 3rd party hosting package.

Ok and once you’ve entered in this information just click on ‘add’.

If you’ve created an ‘A record’ we advise you to create a blank record to go alongside it.

This basically means that if someone types in your domain name without the ‘www.’ prefix, they will still be directed to your website.

To do this, just create another ‘A record’, typing in the same IP address that you used before, but just type an ‘@ symbol’ in this field, and then click on ‘add’ again.

That’s it, your 123-reg domain name should now be pointing to your 3rd party web hosting package.

But please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the new DNS records to become active, so don’t worry if you can’t see your website live straight away.

If it seems to be taking longer then please get in contact with your hosting provider.

Please Note: It will take between 24 - 48 hours for the new DNS records to become active.


Log in to your 123-reg control panel


Have a look in the Domains section section.

Select your domain name using the drop-down menu and then click on the Manage button.


If you are changing a top level domain i.e. .com, .net etc, you will need to unlock the domain name first. This can be done by selecting the Manage Domain Locking option and clicking on the Unlock domain link. Once the domain has been unlocked click on the Back to Control Panel link.


Select the Change Nameservers option.


Enter your nameserver records into the relevant boxes. If the IP addresses are required you will be asked for these as well.


Click on the Change Nameservers (DNS) button.


You can now change your Nameservers, or even reset them to the 123-reg default. Click the Update button to complete the process.

You are able to use 123-reg as your domain name registration service, and host your website elsewhere.
If you do this the domain name administration will still be managed via your 123-reg control panel, however any management of your hosting, or updates to your website will be made with your web hosting provider.

There are 3 methods which can be used to link your domain name to your external hosting:

  • Web forwarding
  • DNS - using an A record or a CNAME record
  • Nameservers

You will need to ask your web hosting provider to confirm which method you should use, and provide you with the required settings.

Please note: If you change the nameservers for your domain name all DNS administration will need to completed via the nameserver provider.

Once you have been given the setting please select the correct guide from below, which contain step by step guidance on how to point your domain name.