How do I set up Apple Mail? | POP3 or IMAP

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Watch the video below to learn how to set up your email account on Apple Mail. You can choose to set it up with POP3 or IMAP.

We recommend using IMAP as this protocol enables you to access your emails even when something goes wrong with your email client. Watch our video to learn more about the differences between IMAP and POP3.

You can also find below the written step-by-step instructions for setting up your Apple Mail.


Open Mail and go to Preferences.


Click on to the accounts tab and click on the '+' on the bottom left to add a new account.


You will then be asked to select the type of account you are adding to the application. Click on the Add Other Mail Account option and click the Continue button. 


Next you have to add some account information: your name, your mailbox email address and its associated password, in the boxes provided. Once complete, click the Create button. 

You will receive a notice saying that your "Account must be manually configured". If you receive this, click the Next button. 


Next you will be asked to add your incoming mail server information. Here you can select whether you would like us the POP3 or the IMAP protocol. The POP protocol means that your email will be downloaded from the server it is stored on, and stored locally to wherever you access it. IMAP will allow you to read and manage your mail directly from the server view your client or device, and even allows you to use multiple devices, including mobile devices. 


Select the IMAP tab, and enter in the Mail server box.

Your username will be your email address, and the password is the password is the one associated with your address. When complete, click the Next button.

Apple Mail - IMAP server settings

You may be asked to confirm some additional information. Set the port at 993 and the authentication as Password. Then click Next. 

Apple - Email port 993

Select the POP tab, and enter in the Apple Mail server box.

The username will be your email address while the password is the password you will use to login and access your email account. When you've filled out this information, click next.

Apple Mail - POP3 server settings

Next you will need to configure your Outgoing Mail Server information. This will be the same for both the IMAP and the POP3 protocol.

The SMTP server details will be, and the username will be your email address, and the password will be the one associated with the account. Once entered, click the Create button. 

You may get a notification that additional account information is required. In this case, click the Next button.

Keep the port as 465, and again, the Authentication setting as Password, then click the Create button.

This completes the process. Your account will now be synced with Apple Mail.

Please note: Please ensure that you enter your mailbox details in both the incoming and outgoing server fields in order to send and receive email on your client.


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