Online Shop - Setup Assistant


Website Builder Version 8

I have purchased 123-reg Online Shop, what next?

So you’ve purchased Online Shop and you’re ready to start selling your products online.

The great thing about Online Shop is the easy to use drag and drop interface, which allows you to quickly create your own professional Online Shop without needing to know how to code.

Amongst the many design widgets which will help you to structure your Shop, you’ll also be able to quickly add products, and decide how you want them laid out on your page.

Let’s start creating your Online Shop.

Start by selecting your own customisable template.

There are loads to choose from, and they’re all mobile, tablet and desktop responsive, meaning they will work well and look great on any device.

Your Shop structure is important, so have a think about how you want everything to look on the page.

Remember you can simply drag and drop the elements that you want, straight into your design.

Now you can add in your Online store.

Simply drag and drop in the store template

You can now follow the set up wizard and begin setting up your new shop.

You can easily add in new products, including the price and product image.

And you can also set up shipping methods and payment options.

You can easily track your customer’s orders in this menu.

And In here you can continue building your product catalog.

There are loads of design options which will help you to make the most of your Online Shop package and create the store you want.


From the menu on the left hand side of the page, select the eCommerce Store option. 


Once you've selected the shop option from the menu, we will take a moment to create your store. This includes creating an additional page for your store, and populating it with some example content. Once this completes, click the Continue button.


From the left hand menu, click on the Open Store Control Panel button.


This will open the Online Shop set up wizard. Click on the Let's Go! button to get started.


The first step is to start adding products to your store. Simply add an image, a name and a price to your product, and click the Add More button to add more products. Click the Save button to move on to the next step.


The next step is to delete your demo catalog. The demo catalog is a place holder catalog we've added to your shop as an example. Now that you're beginning to populate your shop, you won't need this anymore.


Next you need to verify your Geographic settings - this includes setting your currency and weight metrics. You can also choose how they display on your site. Do it by clicking on the Edit button, and then changing the relevant areas. Once complete, click on the Proceed to next Step button.


Now you must set your company information, this includes items such as your company name and address. Once complete, click the Save button and proceed to the next step.


Next you can set up the payment options for your website - the most common payment option is through PayPal, so you can simply enter the email address associated with you PayPal account and click the Enable button to associate your account to your shop. 

If you don't want to use PayPal then click on the Advanced payments setup link to go to the Payments page and set up your desired payment methods.


The last thing to do is to process a test order through your site. Once you click the button, you will be taken to your website, and will be able to place a test order like your customers will. This will allow you to review your site and make any amendments as you see fit.



Website Builder Version 7

So you’ve purchased your Online Shop package and you are now ready to start setting up your own Online Shop.

Before you start the setup, please ensure that the DNS for the domain name that you want to use with your Online Shop is pointing to your Online Shop package.

Simply log into your 123-reg control panel, select the domain name which is associated with your Online Shop package, then click on manage.

Now click manage DNS, and select Online Shop from the drop down menu.

Click point to service, and this will now mean your domain name is pointing to your Online Shop package.

Please note that this could take 24-48 hours to propagate, but don’t worry, you will still be able to create and design your shop while this is being set up.

We recommend pointing the DNS before you start setting up your shop, as it will enable you to check the live preview pages of your online shop as you are creating it.

It will also ensure that visitors can easily find your shop when you put it live.

Ok, great, now let’s open up your Online Shop package.

From your 123-reg Control Panel, scroll down to the Online Shop section and click manage Online Shop plans.

Once you’ve logged in you’ll see the set-up assistant, this is the first step to getting your shop up and running.

To start, you will need to choose the subject of your online shop.

So are you creating a shop selling gifts, or cosmetics?

Is your shop aimed at promoting your holiday rental or to showcase property sales?

Are you selling membership to a sports club or event that you run?

Or are you trading goods, like organic food produce, or home furnishings?

We’ll be setting up a Bulk order T-shirt Company in our demo, so we’ll click Trade to start the process.

Next we can pick a layout design for the shop; there are many templates to choose from.

We’ll pick this one for now as I feel I can easily lay out my T-Shirt options for customers to see.

You can change the template when designing your Online Shop if you wish, so don’t worry.

So with the template selected, let’s look at design.

In the set-up assistant you can choose to change the colour schemes for your website.

We will be able to modify more design settings once the shop is set up, so don’t worry about it too much for now.

Next, we can add in some general information about you and your shop.

Add in your company name and, just here, add in your website name and slogan for your company.

You can also add in your logo here, by clicking upload.

Simply fill in your contact details and we’ll go to the next step.

In this step you can choose how you would like prices for your products or services to be displayed.

Don’t worry if you do not have your VAT ID to hand, you can add this in later on.

When you hit next again, you can verify your details and change anything you wish to.

Now that your initial setup is complete, you can now begin managing your shop in your admin panel.

It’s a good idea to set your shop as closed while you are creating it.

Have a look in the status section in the general settings menu.

You can simply set your website to closed by clicking here.

So for now customers will not be able to see your shop until it is set up and you are happy for it to be opened to online customers.

Great, so we’d now suggest designing your shops overall look next, check out our video on how to do that now.

Why not check out our video to help you get started designing your Online Shop


You start by entering the topic area for your online shop. You can pick between private websites for hobbies and fan pages; computers and electronics; arts, culture and education; crafts; and much more.


Once you have decided on a topic, click on the topic to take you to the Layout section.


From the Layout section you can decide the basic page arrangement and style by selecting from the options given.


You will then come to the Design section. From here you will see a preview of the layout you have chosen and be able to add a different header image. If you do not like any of the images provided, you can add one later on.


You will also be able to choose a colour scheme for the background of your online shop. Once all modifications are made, click on the Next button.


Now fill out the basic information for your online shop, including your company name, shop name, any logos and slogans, and basic contact details. Once completed, click the Next button.


In the Settings section, you can adjust the type of tax model you want to use and enter you company VAT ID. You can also set up statistics for your shop using an e-Tracker account. Once completed, click the Next button.


Edit and change any if necessary. Once finished, click Apply to complete the setup assistance.


Finally, you have two options, you can have a preview look at your website which will open in a new window or the Start Administration panel and get on creating and managing the rest of your online shop.