How do I install a 123-App on my web hosting?

This article applies to 123-reg Web Hosting and 123-reg Premium Hosting packages.

There is a wide range of Apps for your 123-reg Hosting Package, but they all follow the same install method.

To install a 123-App to your 123-reg hosting package, please do the following:


Log into your 123-reg control panel.


Scroll down to the Web hosting section, select the relevant domain name in the drop-down box and click on the Manage button.


Scroll down to the CGI Script section and click on the application you wish to install.


Enter a name into the field to create a directory to install the application to. Once filled click the Install Now button.

Please note: If you wish to install an application to the root directory please leave the field blank.    


The application will now install, this may take a few minutes.


When the application is successfully installed you will see this page. You can now start to use the application you have installed.


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