What are website statistics and what information do they give me?

Your 123-reg hosting package comes complete with access to a graphical web stats program that enables you to keep track of visitors to your site.

Website Statistics keeps a log of many statistics including the total number of hits per page, the actual files being requested and even the IP addresses of your visitors. You are able to view the statistics for a given day, whether straight from your control panel or downloaded into a text document.

To access your website statistics please view the following article How do I view my website statistics?


  • A person who accesses a website within a set period. One user may be recorded for many visits over a period of time and many page views in a single visit.
Page view
  • A request to display a full page from a website
  • A very popular term, but also the least useful unit for web analysis. A hit is a single entry in a server log file, generated when a user requests a resource on a website (a picture, a banner, some text etc). Because each webpage is made up of an arbitrary number of individual files a single view of a page can generate multiple hits.

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