Database hostnames

This article applies to 123-reg Shared Hosting accounts.

The database hostname indicates the physical location of your database. You will need your database hostname in order to install software such as Wordpress or Joomla for the purposes of adding features to your website such as blogs, forums and content management systems.

The hostnames are to connect to your databases on your 123-reg hosting package.

MYSQL: cust-mysql-123-01

New Customers from 13/09/2010 will need to use the following:

MYSQL: cust-mysql-123-02 or cust-mysql-123-03 or cust-mysql-123-04 or cust-mysql-123-05

MSSQL: atlas-sql-07

The database name is the name displayed when you click on the Manage databases option in your Web Tools menu via your 123-reg control panel.

The username is the database username that was provided on screen when you first created the database.

The password is the database password that was provided on screen when you first created the database unless you have since reset it via your 123-reg control panel.


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