Issues connecting via FTP to my hosting

If you are having issues connecting to your hosing via FTP. Please check whether your firewall, anti-virus or issues with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) could be preventing you from connecting.

A useful and independent way to check that your connection to the ftp server is working is to go to and try connecting from the website.

If your FTP connection works via then please try and disable your anti-virus, firewall settings or contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Please note: Disabling your anti-virus or firewall is at your own risk. If you cannot FTP using the domain name as the FTP Server please try using the IP address, your FTP server/hostname will change as follows:

For Linux packages:

For Windows packages:

Please note: You will need to upload your web site files to the following folder dependent on your package;

  • Linux package: public_html
  • Windows package: web/content

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