How do I renew my web hosting package?

This article applies to 123-reg Shared Hosting packages.

123-reg Services are set to autorenew, meaning that you will never lose your service, and won't have to manage this yourself. However, some people elect to turn this function off. If you have done so, then you will be able to autorenew your hosting package by following the below instructions. 

To renew your hosting package, please do the following:


Login to your 123-reg control panel.


Click on the Web hosting option in the The following service(s) will soon expire! section at the top of your 123-reg control panel.


Or click on the Web Hosting button in the Web Hosting Section.


This will take you to an overview of your Hosting packages, showing information such as the domain name and the expiry date. To renew, click on the Renew link on the pink bar.


Please follow the on screen payment instructions to complete renewal.

Please note: Your web hosting package will be automatically renewed if you have credit card details that are correct and up-to-date stored on your 123-reg account.


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