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Upon initial entry to your Website Statistics there will not be any report items showing in the Custom Reports section. However, after a Custom Report is created, they will appear in this column for easy access. Custom Reports allow you to select any number of Report Items for inclusion in a full Report of your own design.

Creating a Custom Report

In this section, you can create, edit or delete a Custom Report. A custom report is similar to a Standard Report, except Custom Reports gives you the flexibility of adding any report items that would be most beneficial to you. After a Custom Report is created, it will show up in the Custom Reports section immediately.

In order to create a Custom Report, you will need to do the following:


On the workspace pane, click on the Manage Customer Reports option under the Custom Reports category.


Click on the New button.


Type a name for your custom report and select the default settings you would like applied to it. Click on the Save option.


Select the report and click on the Edit button.


Click on the Add Item button.


Select a report item from the drop down list, type in a name for your report item and set how you would like the data to be displayed.


Click on the Save button.


Repeat steps 5 to 7 until you have all of the Report Items that you want on your Custom Report.

Tip: If you add a Report Item, but decide you want to remove it later, click on the relevant item and click on the delete button to remove it.


The newly created Report will appear immediately under the Custom Reports section.

You can edit or delete a Custom Report at any time by clicking on the Manage Custom Reports option and selecting the report and clicking on the Delete option. Changes will take effect immediately and automatically.

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