WebSite Builder Templates and Template Widgets

As you probably remember, SiteFusions’s templates were built on the concept of zones. You have two different zone types - shared and editable. Shared zones contained content that was (logically) shared across all pages that used that template. The SPACE of editable zones was shared across all pages that used the same template, but the content itself was not. This led to quite a bit of user confusion - it was very easy to make changes across your site without realizing it. Additionally, it was complicated to use different layouts in your main content section, but then keep things like the header and footer synched across all pages. Many users ended up having to maintain multiple templates on their SiteFusion site, on pages that looked widely similar.

In WebSite Builder, we’ve removed the fundamental concept of templates and replaced them with Template Widgets. This is a very important point - the structure of your site is no longer shared across pages. This allows you the flexibility to make any structure changes you want to a page without worry it will affect other pages.

Template widgets, on the other hand, DO allow you to share content and layout areas across as many pages as you want. They’re essentially an empty container widget, into which you can drag and drop as many other widgets as you want - including universal drag & drop and column widgets for structure.

You can find your column widgets in the Templates section of the widget panel - at the very bottom of your widget list. You can add new template widgets from here, as well as drag your existing template widgets onto your site.

Once you’ve created a new template widget, drag it onto your site. You’ll find a new blank widget, bordered in orange with a Lock icon on its context menu.

Start dragging the widgets you would like to share in this template widget into the blank area. In this case, since we’re creating a header widget, we’ll use a logo and some text blocks, placed next to each other with Universal Drag & Drop.

Now that you’ve constructed your header in the template widget, you can lock this widget using the lock icon. This will prevent any accidental changes to the widget, as changes will be updated immediately across your entire site.

To use the template widget on other pages, just drag it from your Template widgets section to where you’d like to use it on the page.

You’ll find your header ready to go on the new page!

Remember, you can update a template widget across the entire site by updating it anywhere - just double click to unlock the widget, and then make your desired updates.

We think you’ll find this is a more straightforward, simpler way to handle shared content across your WebSite Builder site. You can create and manage as many different template widgets as you like - it’s common for our design team to have a few variations of our header, footer, and navigation widgets for testing, and we often see common sidebars being created and used across pages.