How do I use the Form widgets?

This article applies to your 123-reg Website Builder package.

This article will show you how to can use the Form widgets in Website Builder to create a feedback form on your website. 

Adding a form to your Website Builder website allows you to have captured data sent to you via email or stored online to retrieve later. There are lots of applications for a form and the extensive customisation that it offers means you can suit it to the purpose of your website. Below we will go through how to add and edit a form.


Under the Form section of the Widgets you see the Form Widget – drag and drop this where you want it on your page.


Give your form a Name and if you wish to receive a notification every time a form is submitted to an email address of your choice, enter the Email Address in the Email box.


Now you have a form created you need to use the other widgets within the Form tab to build it. To do this simply drag and drop the forms elements into the form widget.


You can then edit the widgets you’ve added by selecting the form widget and clicking on settings in the toolbar that appears – then hover over the widget you want to edit and click on settings again for the particular element.


In the settings of the widget you can change the Name & Description which appear in-front of the text box.


The Validation tab is where you can set-up rules. These are rules that the user submitting the form must abide by to submit the form – for example, here I have set name as a Required Field. This means it must be filled in for the form to be submitted.

You can also add an Error Message that will appear if the validation rule isn’t met. For example: “You must complete this field” - Once finished click OK


You use the same process for all the form widgets. Below I have added a Select box where you can set what answers can be given by providing the user with a drop down selection. When complete, click the OK button.


To view the data your visitors leave, click on the settings icon for the widget, and then click on the database tab. This will display the data, and allow you to export it.


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