What file types am I able to upload to Website Builder?

This article applies to Website Builder packages.

You can use your website to allow users to download files. For example if your run a site for an amateur dramatics club, you could use this functionality to allow your visitors to download scripts or lyrics sheets. Alternatively, keen cooks could upload their recipes to allow their users to download them.

Website Builder will allow you to load the following document types via the Files gallery uploader:

'pdf', 'doc', 'docx', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'txt', 'ppt', 'pps', 'pptx'

'mp3', 'aac', 'ogg', 'wma', 'mp4', 'm4v', 'm4a', 'm4b', 'aiff', 'mov', 'wmv', 'flv', 'swf'

'tar', 'gz','zip'

Once uploaded, your files will be found in your file manager; you can then add them to your site from there.

Please Note: The total file storage in Website Builder for files and images is limited to 10MB


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