Do I need a hosting package with Website Builder?

This article applies to 123-reg Website Builder packages

Website Builder has everything it needs to help you build and host your website without the need to purchase any additional services.

Websites created with Website Builder do not use a traditional hosting platform, as the hosting used comes built into the package itself. This covers the hosting of the site itself, but also the hosting of the images and files that you can upload to the platform. 

As a result, you do not need to upload your pages for them to be hosted; everything is created and automatically hosted through the package. This takes all of the hassle out of creating a website, as everything you create is contained in one place.

The amount of hosting space used by the package depends on the package level you purchase, ranging from 2gb for our personal package, to unlimited space on our Business Mobile package. You can find out more about our Plans and Pricing here


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