How to order your pages in Website Builder


Website Builder Version 8


Simply open the pages menu and then click and drag the 'cards' that represent your pages up and down the list. You will be able to create subpages by indenting the card underneath the main pages. 


Website Builder Version 7


Click on the Navigation bar on your website. This will open the Navigation bar settings menu.


Click and drag the pages in the Page order section to the order you would like them to display in your navigation bar. Click the Save button to confirm your changes. 


Website Builder Version 6

Tip: Website Builder automatically updates page navigation widgets when you create a new page on your website.

To insert a Navigation bar, drag and drop the Navigation Menu widget from the Content Widgets panel.

To access the Navigation menu panel, click on a navigation box inside of the Website Builder editor.


You can change the order in which your pages display by adding the Navigation bar on to your page, then hovering the mouse over your chosen link. You will see your mouse cursor change. From there you can move the link to a different place within the navigation bar. 

You can change Navigation layout options by using the following layout options: under the Settings tab:

  • You can make your navigation menu display in horizontal or vertical Orientation.
  • You can set the Alignment of your navigational links.

You can change the format of the text in the textbox by using the following format options:


You can change the appearance of your navigation menu under the Styles tab. You can chose to edit the appearance of the Page Link, the Page Link when Selected and the Page Link whilst hovered over.

You can change:

  • The colour of your links.
  • The background colour of your Navigation widget.

  • The Padding between your navigation links.
  • The spacing between your navigation links.


You can select whether to show a certain group of pages in your navigation menu. This is only active if you have more than one folder of pages.