Introducing the mobile site editor in Website Builder

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This FAQ will give you an overview of the mobile site editor available on Website Builder Version 7

This article will give a basic overview of what you will see when you first access the mobile editor and what some of the key tools do.

Please note: This article concentrates on Website Builder version 7, and is applicable only to the Business Mobile package levels.

How do I know what version of Website Builder I am using?

This article will introduce you to the mobile site editor in the Business Mobile Website Builder package.


Scroll down to the Create your website section and click on the Website Builder icon.


Click on the Login button next to the relevant package.


Click on Mobile site in the menu bar.

You will now be in the Mobile Site Editor section of Website Builder.


The Preview option allows you to view the site in a full screen.

Phone frames

The Phone frames changes the mobile device your site is previewed in.

The Orientation option allows you switch between the vertical and horizontal view of your site.


The Undo and Redo options allow you to modify recent actions to your site.


The Publish button will update and publish your mobile site when you have made changes.