How to manage your delivery methods

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This artice will show you how to manage your delivery methods

This feature will allow you to edit Tax for tax areas you have created for example EU or Asia.

To manage your delivery methods, please follow the steps below:


Log into your 123 Reg Ecommerce package.


Click on the Settings option from the menu bar, and select Delivery and Payment from the dropdown.


Select the Delivery Methods tab.


Under Type there is a drop down bar, choose the method that resembles what you will be offering your customer (for example fixed price or weight of delivery methods), under ID enter what you wish this method to be called and click save.


Select the Logistic Vendors from the list provided. If you do not have any Logistics vendors associated with the site then select the default option. You can also select the type of price settings, these options are defined to the right of the box. Finally, name your new delivery method and click the Add button. 


You can now finalise the details for your new Delivery Method, including setting the delivery method as default, adding an explanation of the method, and translation if you have another language selected. When complete, click the save button.

Edit a Delivery Method


Click on the name of the Delivery method name to enter into the delivery settings.


Edit the settings for this delivery method, and then click Save to confirm your changes.