How to open and close your shop

This article applies to 123-reg Online Shops

This feature gives you the option to have a Closed banner over your online shop when you wish customers to make no purchases. For example if you are updating multiple products and do not want to risk changing the items prices while the shop is live to avoid customers picking up on misprices.

To open and close your shop, please follow the steps below:


Log into your 123-reg Online Shop package.


Select the Settings option from the menu bar, then select General Settings from the dropdown.


Click the status link underneath the General tab.


Finally click Open or Close and required.

On this page you can also leave a message for your customer to see when the shop is closed, and even add a translation for customers using other languages. You can also choose to allow Service Access, for support staff, should you ever need to give access for an issue to be fixed.


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