How to add your mailbox to a Gmail account

This FAQ will help you to set up your mailbox with Google Gmail

The below video and step by step instructions will help you learn how to add a mailbox to your Google Gmail account.

Please note: You can use the below steps to set up any mailbox. You will however need to use your providers details when we mention ours.


In the top right hand corner click on the Settings button and then click on Settings.

click on the settings icon within gmail


Click on the Account and Import tab and then the Add a POP3 mail account you own link

click on the account and import tab

Enter the email address of the mailbox you wish to add. Then click on the Next Step button.

Enter your email address


Enter the email address you wish to add as the username. Then input your email address password in the password field.

Enter as the POP server and set the port to 995.

Tick the three options as shown below and then click on the Add Account button.

enter your mailbox settings


You can now retrieve your email through Gmail. To set up sending emails from your mailbox tick the Yes option and then click the Next Step button.

account has been added


Enter your name and tick the option Treat as an alias. Now click on the Next Step button.

set up outgoing server settings


Enter as the SMTP Server and set the Port to 465.

Input the email address you are adding as the username and the email address password as the password.

Tick the option Secured connection using SSL and the click on the Add Account button.

set up smtp server


You will now be send a verification email. You can either click the link in the email or grab the verification code from the email and enter it here.

verify your email address


That's it you're all done and ready to start using your mailbox through Gmail.

ready to start using gmail

Please note: You will need to change the sending address to send from your added email address.

change your sending address

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