How can I change the Friendly name on my Cloud Backup package?

This FAQ will help you to assign a Friendly Name to your Cloud Backup package.

Adding a Friendly name to your package allows you to give your package a memorable or useful name. For example, this could be useful if you have two packages, one for your work computer, and one for your personal computer. Giving your packages appropriate Friendly names will allow you to see which package relates to which machine.

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Log in to your 123 Reg Control panel and scroll down to the Security section. Then click on the Cloud Backup link.

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This will take you to your package overview where you will see a list of all of your available packages. Click on the Manage button for the package you wish to edit.

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In the Cloud Backup Summary section, you will see a Friendly name field. To assign a friendly name to the package, click on the Edit button.

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Enter your Friendly name in the text box provided and then click the Confirm button to complete your changes.