How do I edit an existing backup?

This FAQ will show you how you can edit an existing backup to change what it backs up, when it backs up, and how often the process is run.

This means that you can ensure that your backups are made at a time that’s most convenient to you.

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Log in to your backup manager and access the All Machines tab.

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You will see an overview of all of the backups you currently have set up. To edit your backup, click on the Cog icon for the relevant backup.

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This will show you the details of the backup. You can now click on the Cog icon next to the name of the backup, and select Edit from the dropdown menu, to change these details.

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Simply click on each section to open the options for that section. Once complete, click the Save Changes button.

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You can now choose to run the backup straight away by clicking on the Run Now button. This would be especially useful if you have changed the contents of the backup.