I have purchased Cloud Backup, what’s next?

This article will get you started with 123 Reg Cloud Backup tool

Backing up and securing your digital life with Cloud Backup is a convenient way to keep your data safe. Getting started is simple, check out the below steps to start a backup of your data.

Please note: Once you have installed the Cloud Backup agent on your PC/Laptop, you will manage your backups and secured data through your preferred web browser.

Have a look at the below video which will show you how to install 123 Reg Cloud Backup and run your first backup.

How to install the Cloud Backup agent

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel from the machine you wish to backup.


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From there, select Cloud Backup within the ‘Manage active products’ section and then select Manage opposite Manage Cloud Backup.

Manage Cloud Backup


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Click on the Activate button. You will now need to enter a password which will be used as part of the installation process for your Cloud Backup. Once entered click on the confirm button.

Please note: The password you enter must contain at least one capital letter, one number and a minimum of 6 characters.

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Click on the Login button.

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In the Resources tab on the left-hand side of the screen, open the All Machines tab. You will see a button called Add Machine. Click this button to begin the backup process.

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This will open the Add Machine package, which will allow you to select the install you wish to use. So simply select the install agent that matches the machine you are using. So, for a Windows machine, select the Agent for Windows, or for a Mac, select the Agent for Mac.

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This will open up your file manager, so that you can save the install agent.

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Open the file and run the Agent, allowing you to install the file on your machine. Once you have installed the Agent on your machine, you can set up your first backup.

Please note: You will need the username and password created at activation to complete your installation.

Decide what type of backup you would like

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Please note: Before you can create a backup, you need to have installed the backup agent on your machine.

Using the machine you have installed the backup agent on already, access your Backup control panel, and click on the All Machines tab. For the machine you wish to backup, click on the Enable Backup button.

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Here you can choose whether to only backup specific files, or to back up the entire machine. In this example, we will be backing up the entire machine.

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Click on the Cog icon to edit the settings for your new Backup. For example, you can change the day for weekly backups.

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You can click on the Where to Back Up section to choose whether to backup to Cloud storage, or to a local or network drive.

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Click on the Schedule section to select when and how often you want the backup to run. For example, for a daily back up, you can select what time to start the backup to run, and whether you want to run it every day, or just Monday to Friday.

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Use the How Long to Keep section to select how long you want to keep your backups for. Use the + and – symbols to change the time frames.

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Once you’ve completed setting up your backup, click on the Apply button to start backing up your machine. You will be asked to name your backup so you can return to it later.

Don't worry, we have you covered. Learn how to recover your files

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Log in to the Backup manager, and select the All Machines tab from the menu on the left hand side of the window.

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Here you will see an overview of the backups you have created. Click on the Recover button of the backup you wish to access.

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You will now see each iteration of the backup you have stored. Click on the version you want to access, and then click on the Recover Files button.

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You can download the entire folder, or click through the file manager to find the items you wish to recover. Select the items you wish to recover by using the checkboxes next to each item.

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Once you have selected the items you wish to restore, you can either download them, by clicking on the Download button, or recover them to a separate machine by using the Recover button.