Can I still renew my domain after it has expired?

Failure to renew your domain name before its expiry date does not always mean that you have lost it. Some domain names can still be renewed after expiry.

Once your domain name has expired, it will enter into a ‘grace period’. This grace period will allow you to renew your domain name, despite being past the renewal date.

Most domain names will give you 16 days to rescue your domain name; however some exceptions are listed below:

  • .UK domain names, including direct .UK and 3rd level domains such as, have a 90 day grace period with no redemption fee
  • .AE, .AT, .BE, .CO.IL, .CO.NZ, .CO.ZA, .CX, .DE, .ES, .EU, .IM, .PL, .MX, .NL domain names have no grace period due to specific registry rules and therefore go directly redemption
  • .CH, .IO, .TK cannot be restored after expiry

To renew your domain name during this grace period, you will need to contact our Support teams, who will confirm if your domain name is eligible for this grace period and help you to renew it.

If you do not renew your domain name during the grace period, your domain name may enter a Redemption Period. This Redemption period will give the owner of the domain name one last chance to renew their domain name before it is released back on to the open market.

To retrieve a domain name from Redemption, you will have to pay a recovery fee. The Redemption fee is £75 plus VAT, plus a 1 year renewal fee.

Please note: Some domain names will incur a higher charge, plus renewal fee, based on the registry’s prices. These exceptions are listed below:

Price (excluding VAT)


Again, to renew your domain name during the redemption period, you will need to contact the 123 Reg Support teams who will assist you in this matter.