Changing the nameservers on a .it domain name

In order to change the nameservers on your .IT domain name, the nameservers will need to be setup and resolving before you update the domain in your 123 Reg Control Panel.

The .IT registry have the following requirements for nameservers which must be pre-configured:

  • The nameserver IP addresses must be static and correspond to those actually associated with them.
  • The first nameserver must be the same as indicated in the Server of Authority (SOA) record of the domain name.
  • A CNAME must not be associated with the domain name.
  • The name of the nameserver specified in the SOA cannot be a CNAME.
  • At least one MX or A record must exist for the domain name.
  • Where an MX record is listed, it must not have an associated CNAME.
  • Indicated nameservers must be authoritative for the domain name.

Whenever interrogated, the servers must not give the following responses:

  • Not responding
  • Not reachable
  • Not running
  • Non-existent domain
  • Host not found
  • Server failure
  • Query failed

Once you have configured your new nameservers, you can follow the instructions on changing the nameservers on your domain name.

To ensure that your new nameservers are resolving correctly, you can find and use a DNS validation tool by performing a simple web search.

Important: upon registration of your domain, RegistroIT (the IT registry) will check whether the DNS configuration is valid. If, after 30 days, the DNS requirements are not met, RegistroIT will delete the domain without refunding it.

Please note: Your nameserver change will then be processed by the .IT registry, who will approve or reject the change. This can take up to 5 business days. During this time, your domain will show the status Pending Update on a WHOIS lookup, while the old nameservers will continue to be displayed.