Domain Scams and Scam Emails

The below article will discuss some of the dangers of scam emails, and how you can protect yourself from them.

Many of our customers receive notification requesting authorisation to use key words, to renew the domain and also regarding ownership. Our advice if your domain is registered with us is to ignore these unless they are from 123 Reg, Nominet (the Internet Registry for .uk domain names) or Tucows (the governing body for Top Level Domains). Any other notifications should be disregarded or if in doubt a simple email to them to verify their authenticity should confirm to you weather they are legitimate or not.

Please be aware 123 Reg ONLY sends renewal reminders by e-mail and these are always from the domain and that you can only renew domain names via our website.

We have had reports from numerous customers telling us about one company in particular who are sending out false or misleading postal letters asking for renewal fees. The main one to look out for is Domain Registry Of America.

If you receive notification from this company please note THIS IS NOT A RENEWAL REMINDER but is actually a transfer request document, you can if you wish ignore these. If you do make payment to these companies your domain will be moved away from 123 Reg.

If you have already paid a company like this and feel you were misled then please contact trading standards as they can in some instances force the company to issue a refund and to transfer your domain name back to 123 Reg. If you are ever unsure about a renewal reminder please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: These companies find your contact details on a WHOIS look up of your domain name, if you purchase WHOIS Domains Privacy your details will no longer show on a WHOIS look up.