How do I accept a domain transfer?

This article will show you how to accept a domain transfer within your 123 Reg Control Panel.

If you’re transferring a domain from a third-party account to your 123 Reg account, you will need to accept the transfer within your 123 Reg account to complete the process. To do this, simply follow the instructions below.

Please note: this article was originally created for our current Control Panel. As such, the steps outlined below may not be relevant for domain transfers initiated before September 2023.

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.

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From there, select Manage All opposite Domains within the ‘All Products and Services’ section.

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On the next page, select Transfers in the left-hand menu.

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This will take you to the Domain Transfers page. From here, select Transfers In.

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Click the tick box next to the domain(s) you want to accept into your 123 Reg account.

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Next, you’ll need to decide how you want to review the contact details for your domain(s) by choosing the relevant option. This includes:

  1. Skip review and approve all info: this will accept the contact information on your domain and apply the details shown in the contact form for any domains that don’t have valid contact details.
  2. Use below contact info for all domains: this will apply the details shown in the contact form for all the domains you’ve selected.
  3. Use for all contact types: unselect this option if you’d rather use different contact details for each contact type (i.e. Registrant, Billing, Technical, etc).

Once you’ve done this, click Continue.

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Accept the necessary terms by clicking the provided tick boxes and then select Begin Transfer.