How do I change the IP address for an external domain?

This article will show you how to change the IP address for a domain name that isn’t hosted with 123 Reg.

If you have a domain name that’s registered with a third-party provider, such as Fasthosts and Ionos, and need to update the IP address associated with it, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

Please note: these steps will vary depending on which hosting provider you have chosen.

It will also take between 24 – 48 hours for any nameserver changes to become active.

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Start by logging in to your third-party account.


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From there, find the page for your domain name’s DNS records. Depending on who your provider is, this may be titled ‘DNS Management’, ‘Name Server Management’ or ‘Additional Settings’.


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Find the A record for your domain (represented by the Hostname or Host Record ‘@’) and select the Edit or Amend option that appears opposite it.


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Change the provided IP address (represented by a series of numbers separated by full stops, like ‘12.34.567.890’) to your preferred value.


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You will also need to update the IP address for each subdomain associated with your domain. These will be A records that typically feature the prefix ‘www’.

If you don’t have any subdomains, we recommend that you create a new A record for your domain using the following details:

  • Name: www
  • IP Address: this must match the IP address for your ‘@’ A record
  • TTL: leave as default value


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Once done, be sure to Save your changes.

You’ll then need to wait until your DNS changes become active, which can take anywhere between a few minutes to up to 48 hours.