How do I use my new domain with a domain that already exists?

This article will explain how you can configure a new domain name when you already have your website and email address set up with another domain.

For example, you may have your website set up with a domain, but want to ensure that if anyone visits your new .uk domain they are still able to view your website. You will also be able to configure your .uk email to forward any email received to your primary email address, so that you can easily view correspondence to both addresses from one place.

Domain Name

You can create a Web Forwarding rule for your new domain in the 123 Reg Control Panel. Our Web Forwarding rule will create two A Records for your domain, one for and one for This way, visitors using either URL will be forwarded to the website you configure, so you can send them to your existing website.

You can see how to add a 301 permanent Web Forwarding here.

Email Address

To ensure that email that gets sent to your new email address reaches you, you can create a Catch-All Email Forwarder. This will catch any email that gets sent to your new domain and forward it to an email address of your choosing.

This means that any email sent to anything at your new domain will be picked up, so you can use,, or anything else!

Just create your new forward with * and everything will get picked up. Learn more about email forwarding, and how to create a Catch-All Email Forwarder.