How to purchase a domain name with 123 Reg?


How to choose your domain name?

Choosing your domain name is an important task. That’s because once you buy a domain, anyone wanting to visit your website will have to type that name into their browser. But before typing it, they have to remember it, which means that your domain name must be memorable. Then you also have to consider the words you include in that name so you can later optimise it. That’s about making friends with search engines. Regardless of the site you are building, this tutorial can help a great deal in choosing your domain name.


How to register a domain name?

Searching for a domain through a domain registration company like 123 Reg is easy. The difficult part is finding that top-notch domain name available. This video tutorial explains how you can find a great domain name for your site, even when your first choice is no longer available. You will also learn about legal ownership and what your right are once the domain registration process is completed. Regardless of the domain name you’re planning to register, is the most reliable domain registration company that can help you get your name on the web easily.


How do I purchase Whois Domains Privacy for my domain name?

Domains Privacy is a masking service which hides your details on the WHOIS Database. The WHOIS database is a record of who owns each individual domain. However, as this database is publicly accessible, some people use it to mine for data such as email addresses which are then used for spam email.

Adding Domains Privacy to your domain name will replace your details on this database with ours, meaning that your details are hidden from public view. You can find out more about WHOIS Privacy here.

To purchase Domains Privacy, you will need to do the following:

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    Log into your 123 Reg control panel.

  • Step 2 of 4

    In the Domain names section, click on the Buy link below WHOIS privacy.

  • Step 3 of 4

    Select the domain name that you want to apply the WHOIS Privacy to and the number of years you want to purchase it for then click on the add WHOIS privacy button.

  • Step 4 of 4

    Follow the on screen payment instructions.

Please note: You will receive a Domains Privacy welcome email that will explain step by step how to activate the WHOIS Privacy on your domain name.


What is a domain backorder?

A Domain backorder is a useful service available from 123 Reg which monitors registered domains until they are available to purchase again. If a domain name you want is already taken, 123 Reg can create a Domain backorder to actively monitor the domain and register it once it becomes available.