How do I verify my domain for Microsoft 365?

This article outlines the two ways with which you can verify your domain name.

In order to verify your domain for Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), you’ll need to add the following to it:

  • A TXT Record
  • An MX Record

Before you start though, you’ll need to ensure your domain is pointed to the 123 Reg nameservers. Otherwise, you will not be able to configure the DNS zonefile.

You’ll also need to activate your Microsoft 365 package. For more details on how to perform this, please read the following Support article: How do I activate my Microsoft 365 package?

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Start by logging in to your Microsoft Admin Centre using your details.


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From here, select the option Set up email with a custom domain.

Select Set up email


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A pop-up window will appear, whereupon you simply need to select the option Use a domain you already own.

Use a domain you already own


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Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the Add your domain page. Simply enter the domain you wish to use for your email address into the provided field.

Enter domain


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On the next page, you’ll be given your unique TXT and MX records to verify your domain. Make sure that the host is set as

Select 123 Reg as provider


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Now that you have your unique details, open a new tab within your browser and log in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


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From there, select Domain Names within the ‘Manage active products’ section.

Next, choose your domain name from the provided list and then select Manage.

Manage Domain Names


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Scroll down to the Advanced Domain Settings section and select Manage DNS.

Click Manage DNS


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Select the Advanced DNS tab near the top.

Select Advanced DNS


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On the next page, create a new TXT and MX record for your domain by copying and pasting the values providing in your Microsoft Admin Centre.

Enter TXT details


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Once these records have been created for your domain, return to your Microsoft Admin Centre and select Verify.

Select Verify


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After a few moments, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can set your new address that’s based on your domain. Once you’ve entered your ideal address, select Update and sign out.

Update email address


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Once you’ve been successfully signed out, log back in to your Microsoft Admin Centre and you’ll be shown a list of additional records that will need to be added to your domain.

Simply repeat the steps outlined earlier and select Connect email once you’re finished.

Connect email


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You’ll then be given a confirmation message, informing you that you’re ready to go. Congratulations!

View Confirmation message