I am receiving spam, does 123 Reg Sell my information?

This article will explain why you may be getting spam messages following the purchase of your domain name.

Firstly, it is important to note that 123 Reg never sells any information gathered from our customer’s accounts. If you have any concerns, you can view our full Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

So why am I receiving these spam emails?

When a domain name is registered, various information is required, this includes your name, address, your registrar details, nameserver details and domain expiry dates.

When you register your domain name, this information is stored in the Whois Database. The Whois database is a directory of domain names and their relevant information. It means that you can search for any domain and see who owns it, and various other details.

There are organisations who trawl through this data, looking to strip out personal data to find people to target. This is a process called Data Mining. Because all the data is there for the taking, spammers and marketers “mine” the whois database and harvest registrant data including addresses, fax numbers and email addresses. Full details of the kind of information found on the Whois Database can be found here.

As a result of this, you will receive spam email. A common example of this follows new domain registration. After you register you are likely to receive emails from people offering to design you a website for your new domain name.

However, this is not just limited to designers trying to sell you a website, it can also include renewal scams.

How can I prevent this?

Recent GDPR changes should mean that for customers within the EU, your personal data should no longer be available to view. Also, domains that were registered with Domain Privacy should still have their details replaced by our generic details. Owing to GDPR, any new registrations will no longer be able to be registered with Domain Privacy.