Nominet Data Quality Policy

The below FAQ outlines the Data Quality Policy, and what it means to you.

What’s happening?

As part of a change to their policies, Nominet (the authority of .uk domain names) has made it a requirement that all registrars (123 Reg) now inform their customers to validate their registrant’s (You) registration information.

Nominet decides whether a domain’s registration details are invalid, and we will only act upon notification from them.

If you have a Nominet domain name and your registration details are not correct, incomplete or cannot be verified by Nominet’s address validation partner, you will receive an email from 123 Reg inviting you to update them.

If the registration details are not corrected, then Nominet will suspend any domains that are not validated within 30 days of being asked to do so.

Why is this being done?

Nominet strive to improve and maintain the quality of the data they have for registrants and that they publish in their WHOIS database is a key objective.

They believe it is an important part of ensuring that the UK namespace is a trusted and safe space.

For more information on Nominet’s policy changes check out their registrar resource page here.

What do you need to do?

If you receive an email asking you to validate your domain’s registration details, then simply click on the link within the email and follow the on-screen instructions to update the information.

Once this information has been updated, then there should be no further action required. If the details provided can still not be verified, we will contact you again via email.

Please note: if your registrant details cannot be successfully verified, your domain will be suspended by Nominet within 30 days of receiving the verification email.

Also, if you need for the email with the update link to be resent, you will need to contact our Support team who will be able to assist you.