Registrant types for .uk domains

This article will explain Registrant Types for .UK Domain Names.

The Registrant type field for all .uk domains is a way of Nominet (the registry of .uk domains) categorising the type of organisation that the domain is registered for.

Registrant types

When ordering your .uk website domain name, you are required to complete the registrant type field. This helps us to categorise the type of organisation that the registration is being made for and, in turn, will help in making subsequent changes to the domain name.

The list of acceptable values for the registrant type field is given below:

  • LTD – UK Limited Company
  • PLC – UK Public Limited Company
  • PTNR – UK Sole Trader
  • LLP – UK Limited Liability Partnership
  • IP – UK Industrial/Provident Registered Company
  • IND – UK Individual (representing self)
  • SCH – UK School
  • RCHAR – UK Registered Charity
  • GOV – UK Government Body
  • CRC – UK Corporation by Royal Charter
  • STAT – UK Statutory Body
  • OTHER – UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. clubs, associations, many universities)
  • FIND – Non-UK Individual (representing self)
  • FCORP – Non-UK Corporation
  • FOTHER – Non-UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. charities, schools, clubs, associations)

Tip: Organisations in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are classified as Foreign Organisations.

If you want to change your information for a domain held under your 123 Reg account, this can be done via our Control Panel (excluding the registrant name). If you wish to change this information, this will need to be done through your Nominet admin panel.