What is a gTLD?

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Generic Top Level domain names (gTLDs) are domain extensions that are alternatives to the traditional .com, .co.uk and .de domain extensions that will be launching over the next two years. These domain extensions vary from practical extensions such as .web or .tech, to location-based domain names such as .london or .wales, and even wacky extensions such as .ninja or .xyz.

There are also extensions that are restricted to people or entities that fulfil certain criteria, for example, .bank.

Businesses have applied to ICANN (the organisation which oversees domain names) to operate these gTLDs. Individual new gTLD applicants are permitted to set their own criteria and restrictions for being able to register domains in their new gTLD space.

These domains will be launched gradually, starting at the end of this October 2013, running through to the end of 2015.

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In this video I am going to explain to you exactly:

What are gTLDs?

Why we need more?

What the different stages of release are and how you can get your hands on them with 123 Reg

What are gTLDs?

So let’s start by looking at what a gTLD is.

Well, gTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domain, but wait a minute; maybe we should look at what a Top Level Domain is first.

TLD or Top Level Domains have been around for many years now.

You may have heard of a few:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .be

The current TLDs in existence are split into categories.

These categories are decided and governed by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Examples of these categories include:

  • Generic
  • Country-Code
  • Sponsored
  • Infrastructure
  • Reserved 

There are more categories than this but you get the idea.

Generic TLDs or gTLDs are the most popular type of Top Level domains.

Between 2004 and present there have only been 23 gTLDs in existence.

So really gTLDs have been around for ages, but for many years there has not been the opportunity to create any new ones.

Until now,

Why we need more?

This year marks the start of new gTLDs being released. There will be around 1500 new gTLDs making their way to the internet over the next few years.

But why do we need more?

Well imagine the internet is a country like the UK and the current gTLDs are towns and cities.

Now visualise that each house in the towns and cities are domain names that have a website full of information on it.

Well with the growing dependence of the internet in the world today, the current towns are getting a bit full.

So now it’s time to build a few more towns, or in the internet’s case, introduce more gTLDs.

So what are the benefits for you?


with the introduction of new gTLDs, both new and existing businesses and individuals will no longer have to put up with long, hard to remember domain names like www.johnsons-plumbing-services.com

Instead, when released the domain www.johnsons.plumbing could be purchased, if available obviously.

Another reason could be to show instant visibility of your speciality with domains like .plumbing or .builders.

Before anyone even visits your website they are going to know what you do.

Furthermore new gTLDs like .London show instant recognition of your locality, giving potential visitors insight into where your business is based or the area it serves.

Phases of release

Obtaining these domains will still be a first come first serve system but there are phases of release in place to help protect established businesses and trademarks and give individuals the opportunity to secure the domain name that is perfect for them.

There are four phases of release for the new gTLDs, but each gTLD may differ slightly on what phases it offers, as each gTLD is owned by a different registry.

The Sunrise phase allows trademark holders and established businesses get the chance to protect their brand identity before the domain extensions are available to the general public.

Land Rush or Early Access Period are phases where higher value, shorter and more memorable domains go on sale at a premium price.

And finally the General Availability phase is the point the registry is open to first come, first serve registration to all. It is at this phase that domains will be purchased and a great opportunity to pick up your perfect domain name at a great price.

Up until a domain extension is released all of these phases could be allowing pre-orders, but it is important to note that Sunrise outranks all and Land Rush and Early Access out rank General Availability.

Now you know all about the different release phases, you can decide at which point you would like to obtain your perfect domain name.

So finally…

How you can get your hands on a gTLD with 123-reg.co.uk

How can you get your hands on a gTLD?

Well you can pre-order or purchase a new gTLD with a no win no fee guarantee using 123 Reg.

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