What is happening with certain CentralNic domain names?

This FAQ will explain why 123 Reg will no longer be able to support certain CentralNic domain names.

CentralNic are the domain registry for a large number of domain names. Unfortunately, they have lost the rights to some of their domain names, meaning that domain sellers such as 123 Reg cannot continue to sell these domains. As this is a registry issue, this affects all domain providers alongside 123 Reg; regrettably it’s not a case of simply registering the same domain elsewhere. The affected domain extensions are:

  • .ar.com
  • .gb.com
  • .hu.com
  • .kr.com
  • .qc.com
  • .no.com
  • .se.com
  • .uy.com

Although this situation is outside of our control we will endeavour to ensure that you are able to move any websites or services away from these domain names and to look for a suitable domain name to use instead.

The CentralNic domain names will still be active up to April 2017, so if you have any websites or other services associated with these domain names we suggest that you use the intervening time period to organise an alternative domain name.

We have been assured that all remaining domain extensions provided by CentralNic are safe and have no disputes or ownership issues surrounding them.

CentralNic domains were very good to help a business register a short, specific and easy to remember domain name where the availability in .co.uk and .com was not available. With the launch over the past year with over 200 new domain extensions there has been no better time to buy a domain name that represents your business effectively online, is easy to remember and looks professional. Extensions such as .london help show you are either based in or do business in London, alongside professional domains such as .dentist, .plumbing, .vet,  .lawyer. and many, many more. Check out all the extensions available.


Please note: If you need help finding an alternative domain name, want help moving your website or services to a different domain name, or have any questions or queries, please contact our service team on 0330 221 1007, who will answer any questions you may have.