What is the difference between free and paid .TK domain names?

This article will explain the difference between free .TK domain names, and the paid .TK domain names offered by 123 Reg.

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.TK’s have become one of the most popular domain names in the world after the registry offered free registration alongside the traditional paid method of registration. However, free .TK domain names are subject to various restrictions:

  • No legal ownership – the ownership of a free .TK domain name remains with the registry.
  • Registration restrictions – registration periods for .TK domain names are restricted to 1 to 12 months
  • Renewal required – the renewal for the free domain is required (at no extra charge) for a free domain is required and is available within 15 days prior to the expiry. Failure to renew that free domain can lead to termination of service: the domain is cancelled by registry
  • No transfers allowed – you cannot transfer the domain unless you upgrade it to the paid version.
  • Minimum use requirement – you must have a minimum of 25 unique visitors within the first 90 days after registration, or else the domain is cancelled by the registry.

A free .TK domain name can only be forwarded to an existing URL, or pointed at existing nameservers.

A paid domain name means that the above restrictions no longer apply; you become the owner of the domain name, and as such you can manage it as you would any other domain name.