What is the domain recovery period and how can I restore my domain names?

This FAQ will explain the Domain Name recovery period

This article tells you what the domain recovery period is, and how to reactivate domain names within this period.

What is the domain recovery period?

When a domain name expires there is a grace period of 35 days where the domain can be renewed through the 123 Reg control panel without additional charges.

After the grace period an expired domain name may enter the domain recovery period, which can last up to 75 days post expiry.

During the domain recovery period a fee of £75 + 1 year renewal fee + VAT is applicable to recover the domain, where available, to your 123 Reg account.

Five days after the expiry date the name servers will change, turning off any email and website services running on the domain name.

Recovering my domain

Once the domain passes day 35 you will need to contact 123 Reg support using

Raise a Support Ticket

To attempt a manual recovery of your domain name, please include the domain name and confirm to the support team that they can charge the £75 recovery fee upon successful recovery of your domain name.

Renewing your domain in advance of expiry!

123 Reg recommend that you renew your domain names in advance of expiry through your 123 Reg control panel, as described here.

All domain names are set to auto renew by default where 123 Reg are able to take payment for your domains. We suggest you keep your payment details up to date to ensure automatic domain renewal. Updating contact details.

Remember, you can renew most domains for up to 10 years to help ensure you do not incur downtime or additional costs for your domain, site and email. This is a great way to secure your domain name as a committed business asset and also save on inflation price changes moving forward.

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