How can I change the Billing Period on my Email Marketing package?

How do I change my Email Marketing billing cycle?

This article will show you how you can change the Billing Period on your Email Marketing package by using your 123 Reg Control Panel. .

You can change your billing period simply through your 123 Reg Control Panel. You can choose to pay each month, quarter, year, two years, or three years.

Please Note: Your Billing period will change after your next renewal date. For example, if you change from Monthly to Yearly, you renewal date will still be at the end of that month, but your package will then renew for the year.

You can change your billing period by following the instructions below.

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    Login to your 123 Reg Control Panel by clicking on the Control Panel Login button on the 123 Reg home page.

    control panel login

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    Scroll down to the Market your Website section of the control panel, and click on the Email Marketing link.

    market your website

  • Step 3 of 4

    This will display an overview of all of the email marketing packages currently active in your account. Select the one you wish to change the billing period for and click the Manage button.

    overall packages page

  • Step 4 of 4

    Next to the Billing Period header, you will see your current billing period. Click on the drop down menu to select your desired period. Click the Confirm button to complete your changes.

    billing period header