Configuring your webmail client

These FAQs will teach you how to change aspects of the 123-webmail client to best suit your needs

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How do I change the start of work time in the calendar?

This will allow you to adapt your calendar to suit your working day, allowing you to book appointments into your calendar to suit your schedule. For example, if you don’t start working until 10am, you can set your calendar to reflect this, ensuring that you do not book meetings and appointments for a time when you will not be at work.

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Click on the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of the page. From the drop down menu, click on the Settings link at the top of the list.

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From the Settings menu in the left hand column, select Calendar. This will open the settings panel for the calendar. Here you can update the Start of working time and the End of working time options. Your changes will automatically be saved.

How do I enable notifications for tasks?

You can customise your email notifications so that you are notified on the creation or deletion of any task, as well as any changes. You can also set to be notified if anyone Accepts or Declines the task request. You can also set that other members of the task group are notified in this way.

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Click on the options button in the top right hand corner, and select Settings from the drop down menu.


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In the Basic Settings section you will see a tickbox to enable/disable desktop notifications. Use this to enable



How do I change the reload current view time?

This article will explain how to change the reload current view time in 123-mail webmail. This will dictate how often your current view refreshes. For example, you email inbox, your homepage or even your task list. You can also set this option to never automatically refresh, leaving you to manually refresh when you wish to see an update.

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Click on the options button in the top right hand corner, and select Settings from the drop down menu.


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Use the drop down menu for the Refresh Interval to select the time period you want.


How do I switch off automatic collection of contacts from emails?

123 Reg Webmail comes with the feature which will save the email address of any one you send to, or receive from, if they aren’t already in your contacts list.

If you do not wish to use this function, you can turn it off by following the instructions below. You can also select to only keep the contacts you send to, and to disregard the others, or vice versa.

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Click on the options button in the top right hand corner, and select Settings from the drop down menu.


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Select the email tab and then either enable or disable collection of contacts using the tickboxes found in the Common section of the email settings page. You can choose to collect contacts either while reading or sending messages, or both.


How do I set up an auto-response with 123-mail?

An autoresponder is a tool you can use to ensure that any emails that get sent to your mailbox are responded to when you might not be able to do it yourself. For example, these are commonly used as out of office notifications. When you’re away from your office you can set your autoresponder to state that you are away, when you’ll be back, and whether you have an alternate method of contact.

With an autoresponder in place, your emails will be responded to, but remain in your inbox, to allow you to pick them up at a later date.

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Start by logging in to your 123 Reg Control Panel.


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From there, select Email within the ‘Manage active products’ section and then select Manage opposite Manage your email.

Manage email


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Select the Options tab for the mailbox you wish to apply the auto-responder to and click Auto Responder from the drop-down menu that appears.



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Select the On option and then fill in the message you wish your senders to receive.


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Now click on the Save & Exit button.

save and exit

That’s it, to turn the auto-responder off just simply follow the same steps but select the Off option.

How to set up a delivery receipt with 123-mail

A delivery receipt is an email you will receive to confirm that your email has been sent to, and arrived in, the right mailbox. A delivery receipt differs from a read receipt, as you are only notified when your mail is delivered, and not when the recipient has read it.

When creating your email, click on the Options button to open the drop down menu. From here, simply click the Request read receipt option.