Having trouble sending and receiving emails?

Have a look at these videos to help you solve your issues when sending and receiving emails

Having trouble sending and receiving your email?

This introductory video will explore whether you are having issues with 123-mail, your third party mail client or whether your mailbox is misconfigured. This will help narrow down the error so that you can pick the video that will be most useful to you.

Are your nameservers pointing to 123 Reg?

One of the most common issues with email is that your nameservers can sometimes be misconfigured. This video will explain more.

Are your MX Records correct?

MX Records are a type of DNS record used when configuring a mailbox. If you are experiencing issues with your email address, this could be why.

Is your Internet Service Provider blocking your SMTP settings?

Sometimes an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can take steps to prevent certain SMTP servers (the servers that are responsible for sending email) from sending. This video will show you how to check.

Are your 3rd party email client settings correct?

If you can send and receive email from our 123 Reg webmail client, but not from a 3rd party client like Outlook, this is likely because your email client isn’t setup properly. This video will show you how to reconfigure your client to solve any issues.

3rd party email client: Is your authentication setting disabled?

If your client’s authentication settings are disabled, your mailbox may not work properly with your email client – meaning you won’t be able to send and receive email.

Is your anti-virus preventing you from sending and receiving emails?

Your anti-virus software may be preventing you from sending email. This video will explain more.